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You can hire us to create for you! We accept both commercial and personal commissions. Contact us at innokasmedia[at]gmail.com for details and prices.


An illustration is always a personal work of art that can be tuned to the very smallest detail. Although it can work as a standalone piece, an image can at its best bring extra value to text or other contextsand it works as the best eye-catcher. With the means of illustration, we can also produce something that does not exist! As we both craft images, we can offer our clients several distinct styles to choose from! We do hand-painted illustrations but are able to also make manipulations from photos. We can also deliver animated illustrations. Example uses:
  • visual communications in marketing or journalism
  • book covers and illustration
  • game assets
  • personal pieces such as character art or portraits
Kristiina has a portfolio just for illustration, where you can see more samples from her.

Graphic Design

It’s crucial how we convey our messages. The graphic appearances of a publication are central to that purpose. Think which catches your attention on a magazine spread full of advertisements: an announcement of only plain text without a thought for a design or one with a visual hook? For digital use, we can also animate the graphics.
Example uses:
  • leaflets, books, and magazines
  • banners
  • advertisements
  • logos


Well-done and visually designed websites enhance professional credibility – regardless of one’s field. We mainly focus on smaller websites on WordPress with competitive pricing. We give our clients information on how to update their sites after the launch. If you have a need for a small temporary website, such as a job-hunting CV, we can also host it for a small fee.

Example uses:

  • business website
  • online portfolio
  • online CV
  • wedding website