Graphic design

It’s crucial how we convey our messages. The graphic appearances of a publication are central for that purpose. Think which catches your attention on a magazine spread full of advertisements: an announcement of only text or one with a visual hook?

You can commission graphic design from us for all types of situations. We create f. ex. leaflets, logos, books, magazines, banners and advertisements, both digital and printed. We can also create simple animations for online use.

It is also possible that we make the foldable material and illustrations for you.


An illustration is always a personal work of art that can be tuned to the very smallest detail. Although it can work as a standalone piece, an image can at its best bring extra value to text or other context – and it works as the best eye-catcher. With the means of illustration we can also produce something that does not exist!

Kristiina (from Innokas media) has also her own separate illustration portfolio. You can observe it here.

Photographing and photo manipulation

A photo is a great way of saving important moments. In addition, it is a wonderful medium for forwarding information of a situation or, for example, a product you are hoping to sell.

Everyone has a camera of sorts but taking a photo is much more than tools. In addition to the moment a photographer has to think about how to crop the image and how the target is lighted – just to name a few variables. Innokas media takes photos always on the spot, using the surrounding illumination. Please note that we do photo shooting only in Pori, Finland, and the nearby areas.

You can commission us photo manipulation, separately or together with photo shooting.


It’s hard to become noticed without websites these days. Well-done and visually designed websites enhance professional credibility – regardless of one’s field.

We create websites primarily on WordPress. Here’s a list of different packages which may be requested from us:

[The information about packages is coming soon]