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Last updated: August 18, 2020

When you visit our site or play our games, our products and services may collect some of your personal data. This page attempts to give a comprehensible explanation of how your data may be used, and how you can control it.


If you are under 13 years old, we ask you to make sure that your legal guardian agrees to you using our products and services.

If your child (under 13 years old) has sent us personal data without your consent, please contact us: innokasmedia [at] gmail.com.

If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use our products and services.

Our Privacy Policy may change.

About personal data

Personal data is data which could be used for identifying you as a specific person. Non-personal data, in turn, can’t be used for identification.

Personal data may include e.g. your IP address, email or advertising identifier.

For further information, this is how the European Commission defines personal data.

What data is collected and why


We use services provided by third parties. Some of them may collect your personal data.

We use Unity to create games. Unity may collect data such as your IP address, operating system or advertising identifier. If you use a game which shows ads and/or features in-app purchases, Unity may collect additional information. The data is used for tailoring the ads and for analytics. You can get further information by visiting Unity’s Privacy Policy page.

Our games can be downloaded through the App Store and the Google Play Store. When you use these services, Apple and Google may collect some of your personal data. You can get further information by visiting their Privacy Policy pages:

Apple’s Privacy Policy.

Google’s Privacy Policy.

These third parties provide us with tools for improving our services. We may receive anonymized information e.g. about the performance of our products, how often our products are being used, how many times our ads become tapped, and where people purchase our products (i.e. country). These tools show us only data relevant for product development, and they respect your right of privacy.

We may receive personal information through other means, e.g. when you send us an email. Currently, we use an email service provided by Google. Thus, Google’s privacy policy applies here as well. We won’t share or sell your information to third parties without your consent. When personal data is no longer relevant, we will either delete or anonymize it within a reasonable time frame.

Using our products and services means that you accept this kind of usage.

Our website

We do not use tools for analyzing website traffic. However, our webpage includes embedded parts from other sites.

We use YouTube to serve our videos. YouTube is owned by Google. Learn more about YouTube’s privacy policy. Our embedded videos use YouTube’s privacy-friendlier mode. This means that when you watch our videos through our site, Google does not collect your activity data. Moreover, you need to activate the videos first by clicking their preview images. As a result, none of your data is sent to Google unless you wish to watch our videos.

Our Print-on-Demand Merchandise page includes embedded content from Redbubble. Read Redbubble’s privacy policy to learn more about their practices.

Controlling your personal data

There is one simple yet effective way to stop your data from being collected altogether: by stopping using services which collect that. However, this tip isn’t helpful if you wish to enjoy websites, games and other services. Many services require at least some of your personal data to work properly.

Sometimes, you can decide to opt in or out of some functionalities, though. Tailored ads are an example of such optional functionalities. Tailored ads use some of your personal data – including your country, technical information about your device and the apps you use – to show you more interesting and relevant ads.

What if you do not wish to have a personalized experience?

You can change your device’s advertising settings: Limit Ad Tracking (Apple) and Opt Out of Ads Personalization (Android).

These changes affect all apps installed on your device.

Alternatively: When you see an ad, you may see this image:

A symbol that leads to Unity's privacy settings: an illustrated hand that has a shield floating above it.

Tap on it, and you will open Unity’s privacy settings. Scroll down, and you will see options: “Yes, I agree to a personalized experience” and “No, I do not want personalized experience”. This changes your settings for this app.

Furthermore, you can visit Network Advertising Initiative’s website to opt in/out of personalized advertising. The site provides information and instructions for controlling your data.

Note that these changes do not remove ads. They just opt you out from personalized advertising.

Contact information

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