The team behind Innokas media ky

Innokas media ky

Innokas media ky was founded in August 2017 when we, Seppä siblings, decided to combine our skills into a firm. We create material for printing, Internet and digital apps. To clients, we offer web and graphical design, illustrations, photographing and writing texts. In addition to these, we create different apps and books which are available on iOS.


Kristiina is a Master of Arts of digital culture and a Bachelor of media and communications. She enjoys illustrating in particular. Besides illustration, Kristiina is responsible for the  graphic design and photographing of the firm. Kristiina loves different stories, both fictional and factual, and she wishes to use them in her own and her clients’ communication.


Anniina is a Bachelor of Science (computer science). As one may conclude from her studies, she focuses on the firm’s programming and coding work. Anniina also writes and illustrates stories which are often targeted to children and people with child-like attitudes.


Feel free to send us an email to: innokasmedia [ a t ]