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Welcome to Innokas Media,

where we imagine and bring stories into being! Our focus is on video games for mobile and to entertain our players with a diverse cast of characters and adventures.

Featured Games

Bewitching Baking
Relax with meditative gameplay (or challenge yourself with faster and harder game level) and unlock witchy recipes that you can bake in real life! The game is currently in development. Read more on our blog!
Mediation Agency for Curious Ghosts
In Mediation Agency for Curious Ghosts, help grandma and her resident ghost Oscar solve problems with ghosts living among humans. A point-and-click puzzle-solving adventure with multiple short story arcs. Available on the App Store.
Critter Outbreak
In Critter Outbreak, find fuzzy critters in different locations in this puzzle game. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Beyond Games

We have also published storybooks and sell illustrations in both digital and physical formats.

Hire Us!

You can also commission us for both commercial and personal projects. Our services include illustration, graphic design, photo manipulation, and websites. See services page and contact us to know more.

Meet The Team

We founded Innokas media ky in August 2017. We are a small team of two siblings.

Kristiina Seppä

Kristiina is in charge of most of our art. She enjoys singing, baking and video, board, and tabletop roleplaying games. You can hire her to do illustrations and graphic design for your project. You can see more of her work on her website or chat her up on Twitter!


Anniina Seppä

Anniina creates the code for our projects and is also available for your coding needs. She has also done art for some of our projects, notably for Critters and children’s books. Her hobbies include non-fiction books, games, and walks in the outdoors. She runs a blog called Optimimmi.